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Comparing Between 10900x vs 10900k

The Intel 10th generation processors are ultimately out, as they guarantee remarkable efficiency and top speed degrees for high-intensity computer jobs. Yet, two offerings from this collection have actually attracted our attention– the i9-10900K and i9-10900X series.

Both of them provide similar features with the same cores and threads. Admittedly, the brand-new item names are getting a little bit complex every day. Nevertheless, while one is from the K series, the other is the front-runner item from the X series. Nonetheless, one thing they have in common is both of them make use of X299 LGA2066 outlets. That means they will still be compatible with older motherboards or new ones that might be released later.

Difference i9-10900x vs i9-10900k

10900x vs 10900k

Both CPUs are not developed for daily computer use. They are superior designs for professional and enthusiastic individuals for video game growth, video clip editing and enhancing, and high-end gaming. With their ten cores and multi-threaded attributes, there’s no question that the CPUs have actually been created for programmers and various other specialists that usually use core-hungry applications.

But we will see precisely how these processors react to real-world usage. We did some examinations and standards to discover which is much better regarding performance and functions.


As we stated previously, both the Intel Core i9-10900K and Intel Core i9-10900X have 10 cores. The 10900K utilizes Intel Optane Memory, sustains Intel Turbo increase technology, and is compatible with Intel 400 collection motherboards. This CPU can get to an open rate of as much as 5.3 GHz. The processor additionally features 72 PCIe, and also it gets total assistance of Intel’s Wi-Fi 6 modern technology.

On the other hand, i9-10900X is 0.5 GHz short regarding clock speed, as it can go up to 4.7 GHz. However, like i9-10900K, it supplies support for Intel Optane memory and calls for discrete graphics. When it concerns power consumption, 10900X takes in more power with 165 watts, versus 10900K that eats 125 watts. However, with their efficiency’s toughness, both power usage rates are still more bearable than a few other AMD CPUs.

The clock frequency of 10900X might not be shocking, considering the number of clocks it has. But unlike various other average customer CPUs out there, the CPU can accommodate concerning twice the amount of RAM for the everyday computing CPUs. With such power, it’s a clear perception that the system is not just suggested for searching and gaming.

Thermal cooling system

The i9-10900X is smaller sized than i9-10900K, yet it requires extra TDP than its K version. As we previously mentioned, it demands a TDP of 165 W while its K alternative demands 125 TDP. Consequently, i9-10900X requires a high quantity of warmth to get it going, contrasted to the i9-10900K. So, it is necessary to place this right into a factor to consider when deciding which system to choose.


The top clock speed of 5.3 GHz for i9-10900xis provided a mix of thermal Speed Increase and Turbo Max 3.0. These technology pairs are only utilized by the Comet Lake Core i9 CPUs, as they provide high frequencies when the power delivery and thermals allow.

From the clock rate of both CPUs, there is proof that i9-10900K is quicker with 5.3 GHz turbo increase speed compared to 4.7 GHz frequency of i9-10900X. Yet this does not equate to real-time performance. In our examination, the added core increase did not make any meaningful difference when both CPUs were utilized for high-end tasks.

At 1440P, and especially at 4k resolution, the video games may unavoidably be restricted by GPU, so the level of efficiency you will undoubtedly be obtaining might not tire your CPU. The performance might be highly based on the graphics card.
In terms of productivity, both the i9-10900K and also i9-10900X share the spoils on top. They might both still lag AMD Ryzen 9 3900X in terms of productivity, but both come loaded with solid performance punch.

Compared to the previous i9 processors, both the K and X variations are quite quick. Nevertheless, it appears i9-10900K executed better in numerous video gaming criteria we ran, albeit with little margin.

 Overclocking capacity

If you choose a CPU because of its overclocking ability, both of these CPUs will use a fascinating recommendation. The i910900K is a thinner CPU than its i910900X counterpart. It features a thicker heat spreader on top and solder as the thermal interface product. With these functions, you will see some good OC headroom on i910900K; however, a lot of the headroom was taken when Intel offered the CPU a 5.3 GHz single-core peak.

Nevertheless, i910900K is still slightly ahead of i910900X when it concerns overclocking because of its more outstanding thermal attribute. Yet, you need to shut off the hyperthreading function for both CPUs if you do not wish to burn an opening with the motherboard.

Our examination found that it’s possible to overclock both the i910900K and i910900X, yet the K version is a little bit extra receptive. So, if you’re seeking a CPU with better-overclocking ability in between both CPUs, we encourage you to pick i910900K.

10900x vs 10900k


When we benchmarked both CPUs, both the i910900K and also i910900X had remarkable statistics. The multithreaded result revealed that i910900K had 2092cb in Cinebench R 15 outcome, a 7% rise versus i910900X. The performance increase is not too enlightening and stands for immediate proportional action of their differences in rate.

When measured in single-core efficiency, the i910900K also showed a slight boost of 5%, which is not significant to call a considerable performance increase. The slight increase in efficiency will certainly not distinguish even for the most enthusiastic PC building contractor or player.

However, a slight increase is still valued, mainly when high-end graphics pc gaming and challenging video clip editing and enhancing tasks go to play. With both CPUs’ impressive display screens of prowess, they will undoubtedly be a handful for those who spend more time on high-end jobs like video editing and enhancing. But if we need to choose between i910900K and i910900X, we would go with the former, based upon our benchmarking outcome.

 POV-Ray examination

We additionally performed a POV-Ray examination to discover the performance difference between i9-10900x vs. i9-10900k. Based on the outcome, it was more of a close call between both of them. Yet i9-10900X a little loses i9-10900K this time. It got a 7% higher rating than its K version with a 78% score against a 71% rating in the POV-Ray examination.
We also evaluated both CPUs versus various other CPUs from AMD.

Our outcome revealed that i9-10900X and also i9-10900K are clear leaders here. So, suppose you’re mosting likely to select between both Intel CPUs. In that case, it won’t be easy to give up one for the various other because they both have similar performance degrees, specifically in the POV-Ray examination we have actually accomplished.

Video gaming efficiency

Pc gaming efficiency is just one of the more clear procedures of superiority in between 2 CPUs. Suppose you remember that i9-10900K has a better thermal air conditioning system than i9-10900X. In that case, it could give us an idea concerning its pc gaming efficiency, given that the thermal design is needed for optimum performance. To learn exactly how both of the CPUs execute in actual pc gaming, we checked them on Tomb Raider, Ghost Recon Wildcards, in addition to World VI.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

After installing some exceptional performance, we expected both CPUs to take toe-to-toe against each other in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. As anticipated, we were not let down. This is just one of the most requiring games globally, and any less great CPU will get stuck needing more power.

However, both i9-10900K and i9-10900X CPUs fasted as well as highly responsive. They uploaded practically the same frame prices, with i9-10900K taking the lead by only 2%. 2% is nearly undetectable for this game to claim both CPUs perform the same in this video game.

From the 4K test we performed, we weren’t amazed that the i9-10900K processor still covered the rating, although by still a slight margin. The i9-10900X model was only lagging by three fps. Once again, this shouldn’t be visible when playing high-end video games.

We attempted our test on the Ghost Recon Wildlands video game. We checked both CPUs versus each other. To our surprise, the i9-10900X amazed better with two fps higher than i9-10900K. However, when we examined the very same game using Full DHH resolution, i9-10900K could leapfrog i9-10900X by four fps. So, if you’re playing Full HDD video games, it’s evident the i9-10900K CPU will be a far better choice.

10900x vs 10900k

Civilization VI

In World VI, both CPUs also uploaded comparable performance levels. World VI is a bit different from other games since the AI develops approaches with complicated computations. In this instance, the CPUs require optimal performance with the proper reaction and speed degrees. That is where i9-10900K was a clear leader.

It scored an outstanding 10.5 seconds versus the 12.7 secs for i9-10900X. That implies the i9-10900K is faster at this video game than its X collection. Once again, this improved performance is an outcome of the high clock speed up the CPU has. So, in terms of speed and responsiveness, it seems the i9-10900K carries the day.