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Download All The Versions Of 360 Root App | Install 360 Root Apk App On Android

Download 360 Root App: Have you tried to root your Android device and failed? Then you can try this latest app called 360 root by 360.CN. Basically, this app can root both your PC and Android device. So naturally you can use it according to your requirements.

The Android rooting app version, 360 Root App is specially designed for rooting any android devices only. This app can alone perform the entire work without needing you to have a computer for gaining access to your Android device.

Certainly for the PC version you are going to need a computer.

If you are searching for all the downloadable versions of 360 Rooting App along with the latest version, then look no further as we are presenting you with the full list.

Important Features of the 360 Root App | Download 360 Root App  Apk For Android:

This rooting app offered by a Chinese company has many features other than rooting. These features make the App stand apart from its other competitors.


  • Quick Rooting Access:

This app lets you gain quick access on any of your Android Devices whether it is the Android 2.2 or the newest one. You can simply download and later install the app on your device. After that open and click on the Root Button for gaining the root access.

  • Easy Uninstalling of Pre-installed Apps:

One of the important features of this 360 Root App is easy uninstalling of the preinstalled app. Using this app, when the rooting your Android device is finished, you can effortlessly uninstall, all the pre-installed apps, even the system applications from your Android gadget, which is not possible normally.

  • System Cleaning and clearing Cache:

System cleaning and Cache clearing are some of the important functions we need to perform daily on our Android devices. The 360 Root App lets you to, do system cleaning and also remove the cache data from your Android Device. This feature of this app increases the health of your device and let it run smoother and faster.

  • Locking your Gallery:

Often we use a separate app to lock our gallery in the Android device, but after installing this app, it will let you the option of locking your gallery. Certainly, it eliminates the chances of wasting your limited space of the Android device by installing another app.

Some important facts to keep in mind before using 360 Root App:

  • Recent test result:

A recent test has shown that after the effort of running this 360 Root App on Xiaomi Mi4 which is powered by Android 4.4.4, the app fails to root the device.

Though according to the claim of the developers of 360 Rooting App, this app is capable of rooting 9000 devices.

  • Alternative Apps:

Other than this app there are a number of Apps available in the market that can give you the leverage of rooting your Android device. Such as, Root Genius App, iRoot App, KIngRoot App, Towelroot App etc.

  • Credit goes to:

360.CN (360 Security Center) has created the 360 Root App. It also distributes the app for free, so the full credit of this app goes to them