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Android To iOS : Apple’s ‘Move To iOS’ App Will Make It easy In Future

Apple’s upcoming mobile platform(iOS 9) evidently comes with a new app called “Move to iOS”. Apple now decided to make android apps. In this year Apple is going release an android app “Apple Music’, a music streaming service for Android OS users. Apple releasing this app to compete the other music streaming services, Google Play music and Spotify.

Move to iOS Android App:

Move to iOS is an android application that will allow android users to migrate their data from Android mobile Operating System to Apple Operating System. By using this app android users can wirelessly switch from their android device to new iOS device. Move to iOS securely transfers all contacts, message history, cam photos and videos, mail accounts, calendars, wallpapers, free songs and books and web bookmarks easily.



android to ios - move to ios android app


You can also rebuild your app library With Move to iOS android application. And your free apps and daily used apps like Facebook and Twitter are suggested to download from the App Store. All your paid apps are added to your iTunes wish list.

So android users just need to download Move to iOS app to wirelessly switch Android Operating System to Apple Operating Systerm(iOS). Very Simple right!.

Know more about iOS 9 Features Here.

Move to iOS app will be released with the new apple mobile operating system iOS this year. We clearly don’t know when these android apps will hit the google play store market.

So, i’am eagerly waiting for this application, do you?. Post your comments on this…

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