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Best Android Launchers 2016 For Android Mobiles/Tablets

Best Android Launchers 2016 : – One of the best things about Android OS over all other mobile operating systems is the level of control and customization it provides to the users. The most catchy and impressive way to customize your mobile phones is to install an Android launcher on your phone. It provides different themes, icons and also offers an easier way to control your smartphone in the simplest way.

Android Launchers are like the replacement of your old home screen and have a new classy look and extra beautiful interface on your Android phone. Today we will be sharing the best Android launchers 2016 with you all in this article, we hope you would enjoy them. So let’s check out them!

Free&Best Android Launchers 2016 For Android Mobiles&Tablets:-

1.Buzz Launcher:

Buzz launcher is one of the most awesome apps if you want a good launcher on your Android smartphone. It has won the ‘Best Personalization App’ award in the Best App Ever Awards. It has over 800,000+ themes and it’s ad-free custom launcher. With Buzz Android Launcher, you can customize, change the transition effects, explore new widgets, create your own customized widget, and also share anything to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ in just one touch. Buzz Launcher is one of the most revolutionary Android launcher 2016 and you should download it right away!

2.Solo Launcher:

Solo Launcheris one of the cleanest Android launchers you would ever find on the Google PlayStore. It has been downloaded over 100M times and it falls in the top 3 launchers in the category on Google Play. It uses the Google Material Design 2.0 which makes it super responsive and clean. It has the feature of saving memory by clearing the cache regularly. It provides Smart Home Screen where the frequently used apps are automatically placed, quick gestures, visualized settings and offers thousands of beautiful themes to choose from. It is the most featured Android launchers on the Google PlayStore so its recommended to install it on your Android phones.


3.Google Now Launcher:

This launcher for Android is designed by Google itself. In this launcher, you can easily access the Google Now button using your voice. The Google Now Launcher offers a lot of interactive features like translucent status and navigation bars, easy access to your favorite Google apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Navigation and more. Google says there would be a lot of new things added gradually and pushed via updates so feel free to download this amazing best android launchers 2016.

4.EverythingMe Launcher:

EverythingMe is called to be a contextual launcher for Android smartphones which can give you what you need with just one touch. EverythingMe Android launcher combines the applications, phone contacts, and info you would want to be based on your context which means your location, time of the day, your individual preferences etc. All applications would be more tidily organized and easier to access. Features include Smart Folder, Prediction Bar, Fast search, and App wall which shows coolest apps or games of the day to download. It’s an all-in-one package for Android smartphones. One of the best android launchers 2016 to have.

5.Smart Launcher 3:

Smart Launcher is a launcher that can speed up your phone. The innovative launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. It uses your resources in limits like it saves RAM and battery as well. Its built on Material design, you can double tap on the home screen itself to start a new app, you can hide apps from apps grid to password-protect them, it has many themes and lock screens with different beautiful designs, has a quick search bar and you can lock your phone with a double tap or leave it on a flat surface. It is a community driven development app so it will be constantly having super amazing updates as well. I personally use this Android launcher so you should obviously try it!

So these were some of the best android launchers 2016 which you can download on your cool Android smartphones. These are the best Android launchers you can find on the Google PlayStore and these offer a lot of awesome personalization options and exciting features which can speed up your phone, save memory by controlling background apps and beautify your phone very well. If you have any questions regarding any of the launchers or any other Android doubts, feel free to drop your comments below, we would reach you out as soon as possible, cheers!