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20+ Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Mobile In 2017 | Best Apps To Root Android Device

Best Root Apps 2017: Android is one of the largest selling mobile platforms of the world. Android is also known to offer more customizations than its iOS counterpart. However, for many users, even Android doesn’t have enough customizations in the unrooted state.

This is why so many of us love to root the device and gain complete control over the firmware. Rooting has indeed been made easier with the some really great rooting-apps out there.

Now, once you have rooted your phone, you would want to unlock its full potential. This is where the rooted apps come into play. These apps have been designed to demonstrate full potential on the rooted Android devices. They give you access to a number of tweaks and customizations. They can also enhance your device battery life and performance.

Top 5 Rooting Apps To Root Android Mobile/Tablet In 2017:

Here, we take a look at top 5 apps you can use to root Android and then 20 best apps you can use with the rooted Android. Take a look!

1) Vroot:

It will be very safe to say (albeit arguably) that Vroot is the best software there is to root the Android devices, and this is not without the reasons. First of all, it offers rooting support to a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets, something that the others clearly miss.

Secondly, it is an extremely easy to use program that even the layperson can use without requiring to go the steep learning curve.  In fact, this is the rooting software you must try before going for any other that we will put on this list.

2) kingoapp:

Now, this is also one of the best rooting apps for the Android devices, but not really as good as vRoot as the chances of success are higher with the latter than the former. But, it deserves to be placed second on the list as it is capable of rooting an unrooting a wide range of devices irrespective of the brand you are using.

If you want to make the best out of this rooting application, it is highly recommended you to use a computer with internet connection. You will see a dramatic rise in the success rate when you use this app with the computer connected to the web.

3) SRSRoot:

You would like to know the fact that SRSRoot used to be the most preferred choice as the rooting application of the experts before the more successful application, Vroot, came into existence. This goes on to tell that it is indeed one of the best rooting apps for Android to try and you have a good chance of success, especially if the others on the list have failed.

SRSRoot still continued to be one of the most revered rooting/unrooting applications and has received critical acclaim from the expert testers worldwide. It also covers a wide range of Android devices of various makes and models.

4) Framaroot:

If you are looking for the top root apps that can root your Android without you having to connect it to the computer, Framaroot should be the most obvious choice. It covers a big range of Android devices and firmware versions, including the latest ones.

Rooting your device using Framaroot is incredibly easy as you simply need to install the app, launch it, and choose one of the available options. Framaroot has been successful on many devices but you may have to try several times before your device is finally rooted.

5) KingRoot:

KingRoot has also shown a lot of potential in rooting lots of Android devices of various brands and is also one of the most popular rooting apps. It is a very lightweight rooting program and works without any glitches or flaws on most of the devices.

The program has been tested on various brands including HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia and more and has shown tremendous potential.  It also offers a very simple and easy to use rooting process. But, just like Framaroot, you may need to try several times before you are able to root the device. Also know about the other best root app –  360 Root App.

20+ Free Best Root Apps For Rooted Android | Best Root Apps For Android In 2017:

Once you have rooted your Android, you will want to get some of the best root apps for it. You can download root apps easily. Here is a list of top 20 incredible root apps.

  1. Greenify -Best Root Apps For Rooted Android:

Greenify is an app that can enhance the battery life of your Android device quite dramatically. It is one of the most widely downloaded apps on the rooted devices and not without the reasons. Greenify is also available on the unrooted devices and does a lot of good things there; so you can imagine what wonders it will do with your rooted device.

It shows the list of all the apps that are running in the background and offers the option to stop them so that you could save battery life and also enhance the device performance.

  1. Lucky Patcher Best Root App For Rooted Android:

There is absolutely no denying that Luck Patcher is one of the best root apps for Android devices. This app is compatible with a really wide range of Android phones and tablets and unlocks a number of tweaks that are otherwise unavailable on the unrooted version.

This incredible app is capable of getting rid of the ads, removing the license verification, and it can also remove the system apps that you do not want any longer but could not delete on the unrooted device due to restrictions. The app lists all the apps running on the device highlighted in many different colors so that you could take appropriate actions

  1. Viper4Android – Best Root Apps For Rooted Android:

Viper4Android is an audio related app that allows you to control different audio outputs connected to your Android device, a feat that is impossible to achieve with the unrooted device. This app could easily be one of the best root apps for Android in 2017 as it takes the audio experience on your device to a whole new level.

It is a very simple app, which is not just easy to install but also very easy to use. It supports all types of audio devices connected to the Android including 3mm jack headphones, speakers, and Bluetooth audio devices.

  1. Xposed Framework:

Many Android users would root the device in order to install the custom ROMs, which gave them the liberty to customize the device in many different ways and also enhanced the device performance. But, installing custom ROMs is not a very straightforward process and may sometimes render your phone useless if not done correctly.

Thanks to the Xposed Framework app for the rooted Android devices, you don’t need to install the custom ROMs anymore as you can customize your Android whichever way you want. With this app, you can remap the buttons, get new themes, use the tweaks to improve performance, and completely transform the user interface with incredible ease.

  1. Tasker:

Tasker is one of the best root apps because it can make your life a lot easier than it was before when you used the unrooted Android device. The objective of this awesome application is to automate a number of functions on your smart Android device without you having to lift the finger (literally).

For instance, if you want a particular media player to get launched every time you plug the headphone into the phone socket, you could have Tasker carry out this task for you automatically. This is just one example and once you start using this app you realize its true potential. But, the app is not free and available for $2.99.

  1. Titanium Backup – Best Root Apps For Rooted Android:

We all know how important it is to take the proper backup of your Android device lest your phone is rendered useless and you have no way to retrieve the lost data. A lot of Android users have loads of data saved on their device, especially the ones that use the device extensively.

Titanium Backup is one of the best root apps in 2017 because it makes sure that you never lose the data even if your Android gets damaged suddenly. Titanium Backup is available in two versions, free and paid. The free version is good enough for most users.

  1. Quick Boot:

If you are someone who frequently flashes the custom ROMs onto the Android device and loves to use the tweaks then Quick Boot could a great application for you. This is because you must need to reboot the device in the recovery mode pretty often and using multiple keys to do that could be pretty annoying.

With Quick Boot app, you can add the recovery mode reboot option to your power menu, which is otherwise not available normally, especially if you are using Stock firmware. This is indeed one of the best root apps for Android if you are a developer.

  1. Nandroid Manager:

Do you love to create the exact replica of your Android device using N Android? Then, you must definitely be using the Nandroid backups as well. In that case, you will need a root application that lets you effectively interact with and manage the backups created using Nandroid and this is where Nandroid Manager comes into the picture.

This app has a pretty good interface that allows you to easily back and restores the applications with just a few taps. Nandroid Manager’s paid version offers advanced options for the backup and restores of the data but the free version is also quite good.

  1. GL Tools:

If you are someone who loves to play the video games on your Android then you must have also noticed that very often the graphics do not render very well on the screen, especially when you are playing a heavy game. In this case, GL Tools would be a perfect choice for you as reduces the bit-rate of the graphics so that there isn’t too much load on the CPU and you can play the game without the annoying lags.

The most amazing thing about this tool is that it does not compromise the quality of the graphics rendered and you continue to enjoy the great gaming experience.

  1. Dumpster:

We try to be very careful with the important files saved on our Android device but still, sometimes, end up deleting them inadvertently. If this ever happens to you, what you would like to do is find the way to immediately restore it and this is where Dumpster rooted app will come into the picture.

The dumpster is a recovery app that has been primarily designed to retrieve the media files (photos, images, and videos), but it works equally well with other file formats such as documents, spreadsheets and more. Dumpster also, more or less, acts like a Recycle bin, which keeps the files for a period of time once you have deleted it from your device.

  1. Servicely:

Android has supposedly more apps running in the background as compared to the other mobile platforms and this is why the battery is always an issue with it. But, when you root your Android device you get more liberty to install the apps that can save the battery considerably.

Servicely is one such app that can have a significant impact on the battery life provided you use it to its good potential. Like other such apps, Servicely also helps you have a longer battery life by killing the background apps that are actually not required for your device to function normally.

  1. SetCPU:

This is another great app that can help you save battery life and also enhance the performance of the device by altering the CPU frequency. This app features a very easy to use interface that allows you to manage the frequency of your CPU with some quick gestures. You can reduce the frequency and make the Android work slower in order to enhance the battery life.

However, if you are playing a heavy game and experiencing frequent lags then you can bump the frequency of the CPU up and observe the significant change in game performance. But, one big problem is that this app is not always stable, especially when you change the frequency too frequently.

  1. ROM Toolbox:

The biggest reason why we flash custom ROM to our Android device is because we want to enjoy all the exploits and customizability it offers. But, installing the custom ROM is not always an easy feat and sometimes may require assistance from a geek.

But, with ROM Toolbox app your life becomes much easier as you can conveniently flash and manage the ROMs. Even if you don’t intend to flash the ROM, the app will still provide may customization options, which you would really love. One big issue is that the app hasn’t been updated in many months now.

  1. SDFix:

While Android is a wonderful platform it is not devoid of some of the most baffling issues, such as out of the blue, automatic locking of the SD card, especially if you are using Lollipop or KitKat version.

As a result, you are blocked out from all the files saved on your SD card, including documents, videos, photos and images and you are not able to figure out how to unlock the card and get the files back. This is where the SDFix app comes to the rescue because it has been specially designed to deal with this issue.

  1. Flashify:

As we have already mentioned that installing or flashing the custom ROM on your Android device is not always easy and may need the help of a geek. But, there are developers who have tried to create apps that make this process a little easier so that anyone, even with little knowledge, can carry out this task easily.

Flashify app makes the things easier for you as it has been designed for ROM management and ROM flash. It is an easy to use the app and you can get accustomed to it within a few minutes.

  1. Link2SD:

A lot of people love to play the high-end, heavy games on their Android device but often run out of space in the internal memory. This is exactly when the Link2SD app can be used to great effect. This incredible app helps you move the large OBB game files to your SD card so that you can free up space on your internal storage.

By doing so, not only you get more space in the internal memory you also improve the performance of your device. What it really does is create an app link to SD card making the Android believe that it is actually saved in the internal storage.

  1. System App Remover:

Well, as the name clearly suggests, this app has been designed to allow you to remove those system apps that your system barely uses but they keep running in the background draining out the battery fast and bringing down the device performance. You may already know that Stock firmware does not allow you to remove these system apps even when it does not need them.

But, you also need to make sure which apps can be truly removed and which ones need to be kept for normal functioning of the device. System App Remover lists all the apps and services that are necessary so that you don’t remove them unknowingly. The app also lets you move your installed apps from internal memory to SD card.

  1. AdBlock Plus:

The truth is that there are some website developers that inject loads of advertisements on the web pages so that the user accidentally clicks them and they earn more revenue. To say the least, the advertisements that keep popping up from nowhere are extremely annoying and sometimes get on our nerves.

Thanks to apps like AdBlock Plus for the rooted devices, you can easily get rid of the ads on the web pages no matter how heavily loaded those pages are with ads. Although this app is not available on Google Play Store, you can download it easily from its official website (and it is safe).

  1. ES File Explorer:

Do you know that ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file explorers for the Android devices? You may have tried a few of them, including the one that comes built-in to the Android, but, once you start using this file explorer. You will not want to use any other.

ES File Explorer is available on Google Play Store and you don’t need to root your device in order to use it. However, if you wish to unlock the advanced features of this incredible app, you would want to have a rooted device.

  1. Full!Screen:

Unfortunately, not all the apps can be accessed on the full-screen mode and even the ones that offer this functionality do not give you the complete experience as the Status Bar often comes in the way. The good news is that you can install Full!Screen app on your rooted Android device and have a completely unhindered full-screen experience for all the apps.

The app is available on Google Play Store and the free version comes with features good enough for the majority of the users. But, if you want to use advanced features, you will need to buy the premium version.