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Chain Reaction Game APK Free Download for Android Phone/Tablet

Chain Reaction Game is a most addictive game. If you play once, you will definitely love it. This is a mind game. You have to think about your opponents and what they are thinking. Your move should be perfect otherwise, there may be the chance to lose the game in the immediate step. Interesting, isn’t it?

Everyone love mind games, I guess. You may think, there are so many mind games so what is in it that not in other games. Yes, there must be something in order to special. Here, you will find loads of fun while playing it. You will enjoy playing Chain Reaction Game. In this game, you can not expect what will happen next. You seem like winning the game and suddenly you may lose the game. That is Chain Reaction Game specialty.

Download Chain Reaction Game for android and play it with your friends. This does not even occupy more than 500 KB. This is a lite game and no internet connection is required. Before downloading Chain Reaction Game and playing it on your mobile, know the features of this game and I also gave some tips to play this game. I am not saying you will win for sure, if you follow my tips but may helps you not to lose easily.

Chain Reaction Game Features and Tips:

→ You can play this game with your friends. If you want more fun, you can add more players to play.

→ 8 players can play the game at a time.

→ There are two options named “Play” and “Play with HD Grid”. You can select any of them. If more than 3 players are playing the game, it will be better choosing HD Grid.

→ If you come to bottom of the screen, you can see “Player Settings” option. There, you can add custom settings to the players.

→ You can take only one undo move at a time. So be careful while your move.

→ The best feature of it is, you don’t know when will you lose the game.

I wrote some tips below. These tips may help you while playing.

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Chain Reaction Game Tips:

in any game or anything, understanding it is more important. There must be some reasoning in Chain Reaction Game also. What is it?

⇒ If you keep placing the balls in same grid, the balls will be distributed after certain moves. You have to observe this first and this is the theme of this game.

⇒ You can see corner boxes, side boxes and middle boxes. If you place two balls in a corner box, those two balls will be distributed in two directions. The balls will be moved to the the immediate side boxes of the balls placed box

⇒ In case of sides, two becomes three. You need to place 3 balls in the same box to occur the distribution. The distribution occurs in same manner said above but 3 sides instead of two.

⇒ In middle boxes, you must put 4 balls for distribution takes place. The balls will be distributed in 4 directions.

So, these things you need to keep in mind while playing Chain Reaction Game.

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Download Chain Reaction APK for Android:

You can download the game directly to your Android mobile from Google play store or you can first download it on your PC or Laptop. Then transfer Chain Reaction Game APK file to your mobile and install it manually.

Now it is easy to download APK files directly to PC. So, download the game and transfer it to your mobile later to install it.

That is it. Download and Install Chain Reaction Game and play it with your friends. I am sure you will love the game a lot.