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Free Clash of Clans Cheats, Strategy, Tips & Tricks 2015

Hey all, here I am posting one more article on Clash of Clans game. You might be well aware of the phenomenal success of Clash of Clans Game or COC game. More than 100 billion users download this game from play store. Here, I am writing some Free Clash of Clans Cheats, Strategy, Tips and Tricks to play the game better. These Clash of Clans strategies help you to climb the ranks very quickly. You can also prove that you are the best following these COC cheats.

Well, if you are not familiar with Clash of Clans game, this is developed by Super cell. This is a strategy followed game. You should have a perfect strategy in using the clans and the resources in order to deceive the enemies. You need to build your own army and lead them to victory. You can build your village and prevent it from the enemy clans using your army. This is interesting, isn’t it? If you read all the features of this game, you can’t stop playing it. So, here I added the thrilling features of Clash of Clans. Let’s have a look at them.

Download Clash of Clans from Playstore

Features of Clash of Clans:

  • Build your own village with the available resources and make it unbeatable.
  • You can raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards and dragons etc.
  • You can also play this with players around the world. You can destroy them and win their trophies.
  • You can also form a team with joining the best players around the world. You can call it unbeatable ultimate clan team.
  • Defend your village with an ultimate and the best strategy.

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It sounds simple but playing it by beating your enemies is hard. So here I am to help you with some Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks, Strategies and Cheats 2015.

9 must know Clash of Clans Cheats, Strategy, Tips & Tricks:

#1 Try to save as many gems as possible:

Clash of Clans Cheats and Tricks

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For the first time you start playing the game, you will have 500 gems with you. There will be a tutorial in the starting. It helps you to start building the structures. In this you will spend 250 gems for a builder. If you do as the person instructed in the tutorial, you will end up losing 50 gems. You can save those 50 gems and add some extra builder to build your structures at a quick rate. For the user convenience, I also added the cost of each builder below.

  • Builder #3 == 500 Gems
  • Builder #4 == 1000 Gems
  • Builder #5 == 2000 Gems

From the above builders, you can get Builder #3 in quick time as the other two takes time to buy. So, you can construct some extra structures in less time if you save the gems and buy Builder #3.You can unlock the Builder #4 by purchasing it or winning some trophies. But, you need to win a major trophy in order to unlock Builder #5.

This Clash of Clans Strategy, Tip and Trick helps you a lot while playing the game.

#2 Build Storage Units and Resource Collectors

Clash of Clans Cheats and Strategies 2015

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See, this Clash of clans strategy helps you a lot in the early stages of the game. As I told earlier this is a strategy based game and you must have a proper and right strategy in using the resources. You will have loads of fun while building an army and attacking the enemies. But, What if you don’t have resources? You have to wait for resources. This will be boring right? To overcome this problem, you should build as many Gold and Elixir collectors as possible. You also need to increase the level collectors.

#3 Set Alarms for the Resource cycles

The Gold and Elixir is produced at a constant rate. You need to keep all the levels of resources up. You can check the information of it by clicking on information tab. We usually store the resources when all the levels are up. Sometimes it may take a few hours to level up. So, you can set alarms to inform you regarding the resources level. This saves your time.

#4 Try to Use Very Cheap Units

You all know that you can use Barbarians, Giants, Archers, Wizards and dragons in the battle. If you consider the cost of them, Giants cost more than Barbarians to us. Dragons are powerful than giants but also cost a lot. Time factor is also important here. This is the biggest mistake every starter do while playing Clash of Clans or COC game. Let me tell you one example, when you reach higher levels you need to buy Wizards to defend the enemies. Instead of that, you can build 4 archers. Of course, Wizards are stronger than Archers but you should also consider the time factor and cost. You can build 4 archers in the time of building one wizard. I am applying Tip #2 here. You need to save as many resources as possible. What I am telling here is, Use Cheap units in the early stages.

#5 Do not Use Spells Unnecessarily

You should know how to use the spells effectively while playing the game. I can say this is one of the best Clash of Clans Cheats or Tricks. These spells are also as important as units. It costs dear to produce the spells. As this is expensive, you should use it at a perfect time. If you ask me I say that you can use it in two conditions. One is, when it is extremely useful and the another situation is, when you know you will get or earn more than a spell. Do you know how much does it cost? A rage spell costs approximately 20000 elixirs and the healing spell costs 15000. This COC trick is also very important to the beginners.

#6 Upgrade your Town Hall Slowly

Upgrading the town hall is very important in Clash of Clans game. But, upgrading it rapidly may cost you penalty. Do you know what is it named? It is “Loot Penalty”. It is one of the important tricks and always keeps in your mind. What is Loot Penalty and when does it happen?

Loot penalty is nothing but reducing the resources that you can loot or steal from your opponent. This happens when your Town Hall level is more than your opponent. 10 % will be reduced in looting if you are 1 level higher than your opponent’s Town Hall.

So, What I suggest you is, When you reach the Level 4, I mean Town Hall level 4, sit back and destroy your maximum enemies you can do in level 4 and then go to level 5 upgrade. Follow this Clash of Clans Cheats or Strategy in the corresponding levels also.

#7 put your Clan’s Castle at the Center of the base

Clan’s castle plays a vital role in defending the enemies. Placing the castle at the right place can affect your game. Which place is better? Yes, center of the base is the best place to put the clan’s castle. This is the place where your clans stay. When the enemies reach in a range around the castle, the clans come out and fight the enemies. It has long range of defending. So keep it at center of the base and change the situation of the game. Try to keep Archers in your Town halls because Archer shoots the Barbarians and the giants from behind the walls. This does not cost any damage to the archers but killing your enemies. In higher levels, you can also use dragons and wizards. This is extremely helpful for the player playing level 7 or above.

#8 Protect your Mortar

Mortar also plays an important role in defending your village. But, many players don’t know how to use the motor correctly. If you use it properly it helps you a lot. Placing the mortar in the right place is the thing you have to do. If you do it so, it defends as much village as possible. Use as many different turrets you know. This is the key to get success.

#9 Ask for Clans Help

Clash of clans tips


Talk with your clans and prepare a perfect plan to kill the enemies and loot the resources. Raising army is very important in doing this. Even though raising the army is important, you cannot send the whole army into the clan castle without training. Train your army and send them to castle. If you do it so, you can win at higher levels.

I hope the above Clash of Clans Cheats, Strategy, Tips & Tricks help you a lot while playing the game. I will update more Clash of Clans strategies and tricks as soon as I came to know.

This is it and Thank you for reading,

All Tech Feed Team.