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Best Android Widgets 2016 -Top 5 Android Widgets For Android Devices

Best Android Widgets 2016: Ever since Android has started powering the smartphones, widgets has played the role of a companion one couldn’t do without. Widgets helped in every aspect, be it improving the performance or personalizing the home screen. A lot of consumers are touchy about the widgets in their smartphones. If you are still aloof from the extent up to which widgets can affect your smartphone experience, I’d like you try this list of best android widgets 2016 which includes the most popular & irresistible widgets.

With the increasing popularity & demand of the widgets, there has been a exponential growth in the variety of android widgets available in the app store covering all the grounds. In order to maintain a healthy balance, we’ve tried to keep widgets from all categories like utilities, social widgets, etc. You could pick any one of the below & search for similar widgets if you like to explore more on the android play store.

Top 5 Best Android Widgets 2016:-

 Power Toggles: 

Power Toggles is a home screen widgets which avails you with features to control most of the functions from the settings with just one touch. The best part here is that you get all the frequently used controls on your home screen which reduces the time to access. Controls like WiFi, Bluetooth, Profile, Mobile Data, GPS, etc can be taken charge of right from your home screen. Moreover, there are around 40 such toggles & the app is available for free. Get it from this link.

Google Keep:

Developed by Google, Google Keep is one of the most productive widget which you could have on your smartphone. You can quickly scribble some notes, save the images and also make a to-do list seamlessly with this app. An add on advantage is that you get to synchronize the widget with your google account & access the data on other devices as well.


Though offering nothing new in terms of the utility, 1Weather is still a must have widget in your smartphone because of it stands out in terms of appearance along with real time and lag free weather forecasts. With over millions of users, 1Weather remains the first choice for most of the android users.


While you may think of DashClock as just another clock widget, you will get to know the insights only after you install it. DashClock is the most responsive home screen clock widget which along with the time also fetches the weather, alarms, missed calls & more such miscellaneous details. Apart from this, equipped with new material design DashClock will make you fall in live with using it.

Zooper Widget:

The only reason which I’d like to espouse using the Zooper widget is because of the way it greets you every time you use your smartphone with some of the most magnificent lock screens, wallpapers & the aesthetics of the widget. Zooper widget is more than just some quick to access functions. It as both the paid & free versions, with more fascinating features obviously in the former one.

So here we end our list of best android widgets 2016. I don’t claim that these are the only useful android widgets, but they do stand out because of their own special characteristics. You can always look for more of them in the play store & leverage the exciting features provided by widgets.