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How To Download APK File Directly From Google Play Store – 3 Best Ways To Get Google Play Store Apk Files

Hi friends welcome to a very useful article for android users. Android users definitely gonna love this article. Every Android user install many games and apps in their devices from google play store but you find many useful games and applications in google play store and you can’t able to install all the games and apps at once in your mobile because of some problems like slowing down mobile due to low RAM size. And some Android games and apps lovers like to make a collection of the best games and useful apps for them.

Do you want to download apk file directly from google play store?

As a solution for above problems and needs here, we provide you a solution to download any app that you like in google play store directly. Just follow the below steps to collect and store the best apps and games those you like on Google play store in your computer or in your SD cards.

How To Download Google Play Store Apk Files Directly:

There are some useful add-ons and extensions for your browsers to download bulk amount of APK files from Google Play. Add-ons and Extensions are available in Firefox web browser and Chrome browser respectively to ease some process while surfing the internet. Download the extensions for your browser from the below links to go further into the process.

APK Downloader Add-On For Firefox

If you find any error message like below change or upgrade your Firefox browser version.

APK Downloader Extension For Google Chrome

  • After you added extensions, go to Apk Downloader options.
  • In the above options give your mail id and your device id.
  • To get the Device Id of your Android mobile just type this code *#*#8255#*#* and hit dialer.
  • After dialing, you will get scree named Gtalk Service Monitor. In that screen find “aid” line, mostly that will be on the second link find your Device Id and paste it the extension login details.

If in case you find any difficultly then just download the Evo’s Device Id from the google play store and use that app to find the Device Id very easily.

Now Login to your account and start downloading any apk file directly.

Another Method To  Download APK File Directly From Google Play Store:

In this method, we don’t need any extensions and any apps to do download APK file directly from Google Play. We have some websites those offer direct links to download Apk files.

Best Sites To Download Apk Files Directly:

  • Evozi’s APK Downloader

Go to any website listed above and type the app or game name or the play store URL of that app or game and press on generate the download link.

That’s all you have to do to download the APK file directly from the Google Play Store.

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