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Droid4X- Latest Best Android Simulator for PC, Laptop Windows& Mac

Droid4x is the best Android simulator ever in the aspects like user interface, compatibility, and performance. You can use and play hundreds of your favorite android apps and games using the Droid4X android emulator on PC or Laptop. There may be many popular android emulators but Droid4X will rule the world with its unique features. Click here and all!

If you see, bluestacks is widely popular for the past one and half year. Many people know about bluestacks. I even used to play android games using bluestacks until I came to know about this amazing emulator called Droid4X. What are special features in it comparing other android emulators?

I can say, there are many extra features in Droid4X emulators comparing others. Graphics is the main asset for it. It brings you a better experience than before. Let’s see some awesome features that you get in Droid4X android emulator only.

Features of Droid4X Android Emulator:

  • Better Performance Experience comparing other android simulators.
  • You can experience 50% better performance than similar products.
  • “Graphics” are the biggest asset for the Droid4X android simulator.
  • Controlling feature is also included. You can play motion games on your PC better than on phone.
  • Big Screen and faster performance.
  • Every android app can be used and every android game can be played.
  • Copy and Paste command works between your computer operating system and the simulator. You can copy and paste anything between desktop and simulator.
  • You can use your mouse scroll wheel for Zooming facility. (We can Zoom in and Zoom out)

Best Feature: You can use your keyboard to play the games and control them. Best thing is, you can also use your android phone to control the games. This helps you a lot when it comes to motion games like racing games. I will also show you how to install this feature and use it properly. Here right!

  • Droid4x is pre-rooted with Google play Store.
  • Shake the Screen option is also included.

These are some best features. There are much more features like this. You will know them while using Droid4x android simulator on PC or Laptop.

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Here I show you how to download and install Droid4x android simulator for PC. I screen shot the images while installing it and attached below to make you understand it better. You can check the images while installing it to not encounter any problems. I will start installing steps without wasting much time. Stick to the post and do follow my steps properly. Site about there!

Steps to Download and Install Droid4x android simulator for PC:


Download Droid4x Android Simulator for PC:

You can download it from the official website of the developers. This is absolutely free. You need not pay even a single penny. The size of the file is approximately 8 MB. So this does not even occupy much space in your computer. Why late, download Droid4x from the link given below.

Download Droid4x android Simulator

This does not take much time to download the file. So, I hope you all have downloaded the file and ready to install it. Here we go.

Tip: You can use Ctrl+Alt+X to minimize the emulator immediately

Install Droid4x Emulator on Windows PC:

  • This is online installer software. Therefore, you should check internet connection before you start installing it. If you have a low-speed internet connection, you can also Download the Droid4x offline installer and install it on your PC.
  • Start installing Droid4x software by giving a double click on the downloaded file.
  • Select the destination folder in the first step (If you want) and click on install.

best android emulator for pc

  • Your installation process will be started immediately. This takes some time (may be 10-15 minutes) depending on your internet connection speed.

install best android emulator for laptop

  • Once the installation completed, the simulator will start loading and wait until it loads completely.

android emulator for windows

  • Google play store is pre-installed in the Droid4x android emulator. Click on Next.

Pre installed playstore in emulator

  • You can enable keyboard controlling by clicking on the icon shown in below image.

enable keyboard feature in android simulator

  • See the images attached below to know some other features of it.
  • After all these tips introducing steps, you will end up on the desktop of Droid4x simulator.
  • Now, Click on App Store option and sign in to the Google Play Store with your Google account details.

singin playstore

  • Change the time and date according to your location.

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How to connect Android Phone to Play motion Games:

As I said in the features, now I am going to show you how to connect your android phone to Droid4x simulator and operate the screen with your phone itself. You can play the motion games with your android phone using this awesome feature. Some users may don’t know how to connect the two devices. It is very simple.

  • First, you need to download and install the Droid4X controller on your Android mobile. You can download the apk file from the official website.

Download Droid4x controller APK

  • After installing it on your android phone. Launch it.
  • When you launch it on your mobile, it will ask you to enter an IP address to connect. Enter the IP address properly and connect it.
  • If you don’t know the IP address, no problem I will tell you how to find it.
  • Click on the Joystick option located in the bottom of the simulator screen. When you click on it and the on-screen window will open and you can find one IP address there. That IP address you need to enter to connect the phone and simulator.

Now your phone and simulator are connected. You can operate the simulator with your phone. Launch a game in the simulator and play it with your mobile phone.

This is all about Droid4X 0.8.2 Beta android emulator features and completes guidance on installing it on your PC or Laptop.

I hope the steps mentioned above are enough to install the emulator properly. Check once again if you got any errors. Still, have a problem installing it? You can ask your questions through the comment box below.

Thank You for Reading,

All Tech Feed Team.