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Duos Offline Installer For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Laptops – Amiduos Offline Installer

Duos Offline Installer: Hi guys welcome to the article which is gonna help you to download Duos Offline Installer For you PC. Duos or AmiDuos is an Android Emulator which will allow Windows 8.1/8/7 users to use and play any Android application/game on their windows computers. In this article, i will cover how to download and install Duos using Duos Offline Installer and tell you the advantages of the AmiDuos Offline Installer.

AmiDuos is the latest Android Emulator released in the early months of this year. You can also install some other popular Android Emulators like BluestacksYouwave, and Droid4x on your windows or mac computers. Know some main features of  AmiDuous Emulator before going to download the Duos Offline Installer.

Main Features Of Duos Offline Installer: 

  • Duos Android Emulator will give you full Android Experience on Your Windows Computer.
  • Duos is a 100% native Android running on your Windows hardware.
  • You can use latest Android Operating System on your Windows PC.
  • Amiduos Can run all the android applications on your computer. It has pre-loaded Amazon app store and you can also install Google Play store in Amiduos to install new apps and games from google play.
  • Amiduos supports 3d acceleration which will help you to play high-end graphic games on your windows.
  • Duos Android Emulator has a camera, audio, microphone, gyro meter, compass and orientation features to give you full Android operating system experience.
  • In Desktop mode AMIDuOS offers full hardware keyboard support, including keyboard shortcuts.

The best feature is you can share files between Duos Android Emulator and host Windows OS. Duos have many more cool features which are very helpful to use any app and to play any Android game on your windows computer.

Now let’s talk about the installation process of Duos on your windows computer.  Duos Official website Will offer you two different types of installation files.

  1. Duos web/online Installer.
  2. Duos Offline Installer.

If you downloaded the Duos Web Installer which is a just 2.82mb file then you have to download all the required files for installation during the installation process. If your internet connection is weak then you will face some problems when installing Duos Android Emulator.

Duos Official website also offers Duos Offline Installer itself. Duos Offline Installer will have all the required files in a single file which will easy to download and when installing the software you will not face any errors. It is very simple to install the Duos Emulator using Duos Offline Installer so, download the offline installer from the below link and follow the below steps carefully to install the Duos Emulator on Windows PC.

Download Duos Offline Installer

Steps To Install AmiDuos Android Emulator On Windows Using Duos Offline Installer:

  • From the above link download 64-Bit Installer/32-Bit Installer As per your computer specifications.
  • Duos Offline Installer will be 164MB(64 bit), 159MB(32 bit).

duos offline installer 162 mb file for 64 bit winodws

  • Extract the zip file and launch the DuosInstaller Exe file which is in the extracted folder.
  • It will take 1 or 2 minutes to install the software on your computer.

duos offline installer first step

duos offline installer installed duos on winodws

  • Now a Duos shortcut will be on your desktop, click on it to use the Duos Android Emulator.
  • In case if your windows computer has an outdated graphic card then you will get the message as shown below.

duos offline installer outdated graphic card error

  • Click on “Yes” and update your graphic cards it will be helpful.
  • Downloading Drivers will take about 5 to 6 minutes. After downloading the files were completed and installed then you can start using Duos Android Emulator On you Windows Computer.

duos installed using duos offline installer


That’s all you have to do to install Duos Android Emulator using Duos Offline Installer. I hope this article covered every thing about Duos Offline Installer. If you have any queries on this article please let us know them in the comment section.

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