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Apple iOS 10 Release Date And iOS 10 Feature Rumors – Apple iOS News

iOS 10 Release Date and Expected Features: Owning an iPhone is every gadget lover’s dream. Due to its classy look and expensive nature, Apple products have become a symbol of luxury. In iPhones and iPads, Apple uses their own operating system that is iOS.

iOS 10 Release date and expected features 2016

Like every other OS, iOS also gets updated regularly. The stock version of it is iOS 9. Now, the guys at Apple are working hard to release iOS 10, and the entire tech world is looking forward to it.

So, I am going to share some insights on iOS 10 release data and some of its feature rumors.

iOS 10 Release Date and Feature Rumours 2016| iOS Release Date In India&UK:


iOS 10 Release Date: iOS 9 became a huge hit in a short time. Apple has introduced some unique features like 3 D touch that made even the haters their fans.

The release date is subjective as Apple doesn’t release their update globally on a date. Instead, they release updates on European countries and America first.

So, the iOS 10 release date in India will not be same as that of iOS 10 release date in UK.

According to some reliable circles, iOS 10 may be announced June this year (2016 June). As the version upgrades, you need more space and faster connection to download it.

Usually, Apple announces their new iOS version at WWDC event in the US. And then, after a few months, it will be made available for everyone after rectifying the bugs and errors. So, iOS 10 may hit the devices by 2016 September.

Apple iOS 10 Feature Rumours:

Apple stuns everyone with unique features by each update they roll out. Till iOS 9, it was an undeniable fact. I hope the same trend will be followed by iOS 10 also.

#1. Rootless Feature

Apple users do jailbreak to gain access to some file systems on iOS. Though Apple does not legally back the process, people do the same as it enhances control and performance of the device.

But with iOS 10, the jailbreaking boys should work hard because Apple will be integrating a feature called Rootless to prevent jailbreaking.

#2. HomeKit to Make Your Home Smarter

HomeKit is Apple’s step towards the buzzing word, IoT (Internet of Things). IoT made it possible for us to control our home devices via our smartphones.

We heard that iOS 10 would come with an inbuilt app called HomeKit to control devices in your home. You will see a virtual home with separate room in the app, which makes the controlling much easier.

It is also possible to control via Siri speech assistant.

#3. Contact Availability Status

Apple recently grabbed the patent for this technology. The official patent document seems complicated. But the idea is to indicate the availability of your friends and colleagues on the contacts app.

It is possible only if your friends use an Apple device. On the contact app, the status of their iPhone (flight mode, silent mode) will be displayed.

#4. Ability to Change Video Resolution on the App itself

In iOS 9, you can’t change video resolution on the camera app. For that to be done, you have to access settings>> camera that is not handy while we need to record a quick moment.

iOS 10 will come with a solution to this by integrating the same feature into the app itself.

iOS 10 Compatibility:

Compatibility seems to be an issue for old Apple devices. But it is sure that you will get iOS 10 updates if your device supports iOS 8.

I hope you got some useful information on iOS 10 release date, feature rumors and compatibility. Let’s wait for it to rock the tech world and do share the article on social media.