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iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android – iEMU APK

iOS Emulator For Android: – Hi guys, today I come up with the best article for Android users. In this article, i will tell you how to run iOS Apps On Android Tablet/Mobile with the iOS Emulator For Android.

Android and iOS are the two best Mobile Operating systems and top competitors in the mobile marketing world. In these days Android is becoming more popular, the reasons may be Android phones are cheaper than iOS mobiles and features they providing in the low costs. Market sharing of the two operating systems also shows the popularity of the Android mobiles. Ok, leave that thing which popular and which is not and come to our main focus of this article.

How To Run iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulator For Android:

You don’t have an iOS mobile/tablet and can’t afford one? but you like apple apps(iphone or ipad apps) and want to play them in your android mobile/tablet then you are reading the best article which will explain you everything about how to Run iOS Apps On Android Mobile or Tablet.

To Run iOS Apps On Android, there is one iOS Emulator for Android. You need to download the iOS Emulator Apk file for Android  to run iOS Apps On Android. Before going to know where to download the emulator and how to use it, know some main feature of the iOS Emulator For Android APk.

Main Features And Requirements Of iOS Emulator For Android iEMU APK:

  • You can access iOS applications on your Android tablets or mobiles.
  • YOu can get all the feature of iOS application on your Android mobile or tablet.
  • It will save your game date in every moment.
  • iOS Emulator need 2.3 higher Android version.
  • It supports all gamepads and Xperia Play built in gamepad.
  • iOS Emulator takes 61MB for app files.
  • Your Android mobile or tablet should have above 512MB RAM.

Steps To Download iOS Emulator For Android TO Run iOS App On Android:

  • First of all download the iEMU APk file from the below provided link. Download the file in your computer or in your Android mobile.

iOS Emulator Apk iEMU APK

  • If you download the file in your desktop then transfer it to your Android device using a Usb cable. You can also send your file using your wi-fi hotspot or Bluetooth connection. Save the file to a know location in your file manager.
  • Now go to the iEMU APK file location where you saved and open the file in your android mobile.
  • Install the app using any of your file manager program.
  • The iEMU APK will take some time to install. The apk will install as padiod in your android mobile. Click on the Padiod icon and start using iOS apps and games on Your Android device using Padiod.
  • Padiod Emulator only supports ipas or zip files only.


iOS apps On Android Using Cycada – check Columbia Cycada Demo:

That’s all friends, now use iOS Emulator in your android mobile and have fun. Don’t forget to like and  share the post in social networking sites.

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