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IPhone 7 Rumors And Expectations – iPhone 7 release date 2015

iPhone 7: Every iPhone lover is waiting for the next release in the smartphone section by Apple. And iPhone 7 is one of the hottest topics in the current scenario. The cyber world is waiting to see the latest iPhone that might be an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.We have come up with some of the rumors about specs and features that are so likely to be seen n iPhone 7. Let’s have a look that what we should expect for with next version of iPhone.

iPhone 7 Rumors And User Expectations – Features Of iPhone 7:


Operating system:

Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone 7 or it may be iPhone 6 plus with latest OS i.e IOS 9. The latest OS i.e. ios 9 is built to increase the overall security of Apple devices and they focused on to increasing the battery backup. We are talking about Apple who has proved so far that it is capable of producing most smart and powerful devices and this time Apple is trying to squeeze in a bigger and better battery in iPhone 7.


We are expecting an iPhone without a home button this time, and this time they may embed the Touch ID on to display itself. What do you think about an iPhone without a home button? Reports suggest that Apple will release the next iPhone with almost similar design as of iPhone 6. So don’t expect lot of changes on design front. Apple will release iPhone 7 with a scratch proof sapphire glass coating.

Storage and memory:

We are not expecting an expandable card slot with this iPhone too, as Apple doesn’t ship iPhones with an external card slot. So you can’t expand the onboard storage on iPhone 7. Apple is costly and there is a huge price gap between a 32GB version and a 16 GB version, this is one main reason why some people don’t want to go for an iPhone; as they won’t be able to increase the memory.

Display and screen:

We are expecting a higher screen resolution than its predecessors on the next iPhone. Yeah we are not joking; you could see a higher resolution retina display that we have witnessed on previously launched iPhones. Apple is looking to launch iPhone 7 in two screen sizes one with 5.5 inch and the other one with comparatively smaller screen size of 4.7 inch. Curved displays are getting popular day by day, so we may see a curved display on the next iPhone.


According to the sources we are expecting a dual lens camera which will let you click pictures and videos in DSLR like quality, this one of the most convincing factor to upgrade your iPhone. We have already witnessed that Apple presents the best camera with its every iPhone release, thus we could expect an increase on camera quality. Expect a camera with approx. 12MP primary camera with BSI sensor. If you are using iPhone 6 plus, do not forget to check out list of best cases for iphone 6 Plus.

Conclusion – iPhone 7 Release Date:

It’s quite possible that we may get our hands on new iPhone i.e. IPhone 7 by the end of September 2015, As Apple releases a new version of smartphone by the month of September or October every year. With almost a month left before the launch of the next version of iPhone, we are expecting a smart device with awesome features and ultra-smooth performance.