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iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7 Comparison And Features | Which It The Best Between iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7

iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7: A  big bash is coming soon between two biggies of the world. Samsung and Apple will be again head to head with their Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 in next year. Both the companies looks for excellence and quality to target high priced customer segment. iPhone was the declared and unchallenged leader in this segment but in last few year companies like Samsung are giving tougher challenges to the Apple.

iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7 review features and comparison

iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7 Comparison And Features – Complete Info About iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7  Smartphone Devices:


iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7 – Display: It have gone intensified when Apple last two releases- iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus did not able to grab that much attention of the buyers. iPhone 6 Plus has been criticised for its bulky size till now. Probably that is why Apple declared that they would work on 4.5 inch phone again and you may expect the upcoming iPhone 7 with  dimension  of 4.5 to 4.7 inches covering with a LED display crafted with retina technology for crispier and clearer display quality while Samsung will stick to its 5.5 inch OLED display with 92% phone display ratio. Though both the phone will house great PPI and resolution, but nothing is official till now.

Quality Build is the signature of high-end products: The build is the prime concern while we take these two front runners as our style statement. Apple will be with its signature style- Aluminium build with superior finish and Samsung will carry its Aluminium magnesium alloy while covered with stitched leather or matte plastic. Buyers can choose out of few alternatives here but in the case of iPhone, you will not have any option except the colors- Silver, Gold, Black.

Processors are the heart of the Smartphones: We pay price for features and craftmanship. When we talk about the features of two upcoming future smartphones, we can’t miss the processor that is the heart of these phones and enable multitasking on the go. iPhone 7 will be fitted with the A9 processor with 3GB RAM while Samsung may shift he gear from Exynos to Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 because they have got the manufacturing order of Qualcomm processor. This can change the game.

Camera- Frame your moments in your phone:

We can’t be satisfied without capturing great pics by the camera and when we are going to pay the hefty price we must expect a better camera with lots of features. Apple already announced that their next generation camera will shot DSLR class pictures and will be able to frame moments at 60 fps! That’s simply great. Samsung did not announce anything but we can expect a Sony camera with great low light capturing feature, but still we are sure that Samsung’s camera of Galaxy S7 will be warmer and color saturation will be more than that of iPhone 7.

Great Battery Backs your phone whole day: Galaxy S7 will be attached to a 3200 mAh battery while iPhone 7 may be housed with a 3000 mAh battery which is one step up from the current one- iPhone 6S. But these are all speculations only. iPhone 7 release date can be on any date in September but in a case of Galaxy S7, we have still no clue….Actual clash is yet to be seen….

If we compare these two phones, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will be ahead with its clearer OLED display and superior back panels. iPhone 7 will be far step up with its looks, efficient processor with no lag at all and the brand value. It’s hard to define the clear winner of course.