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Kodi On FireStick / Fire TV – Download Kodi On FireStick Without PC/Computer/Laptop

Kodi On FireStick: It is surprising how Kodi media application has gained so much popularity in such a short timeframe. But, we will also like to add that it is one of the best free media services you will find these days. This open-source application offers you access to the high-quality content from all over the world through its builds and add-ons.

Kodi is officially available on a wide range of devices including Android, iOS, Windows and more. If you are wondering how to install Kodi on Fire TV/stick, this is what this guide is going to be all about. FireStick runs on the Android OS and thus you can get Kodi easily. Let’s take a look!

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How To Install Kodi On Firestick Without PC | Install Kodi On Amazon Firestick /  Fire TV:

One way to install Kodi on FireStick is to use the PC. But, not everyone is comfortable connecting the PC or laptop to an external media device. This is why we have found a way to install Kodi on your FireStick device without having to use the PC. Keep reading!

Step 1: Preparing FireStick for Kodi Installation:

In order to install Kodi on FireStick, we will need to make sure that the device is prepared for the process. There is a series of steps involved and we have to ascertain things do not go wrong at any stage. So, here is what you need to do first:

  • Turn FireStick on and select ‘Settings’
  • Now go to System
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Developer Options’
  • In this section you need to make sure that the following three options are turned ON:
  • USB Debugging
  • ADB Debugging
  • Unknown Sources

You will need the internet to download some files on the device. So, connect the Firestick to Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Get ES Explorer:

We will now begin to answer your question “how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick.” The very first thing we would like you to install is the ES Explorer. This app will be required at a later stage to navigate to the desired folders (discussed below).  Here is how you can install ES Explorer:

  • Go to the main menu of FireStick and select ‘Search’
  • Type in ‘ES Explorer’ and tap/press Enter
  • You should be able to see the app in the search results; select it and follow the onscreen instructions for installation

Since we want to install Kodi without PC, we will have to use ES Explorer instead. Let’s take a look at how it will be used in the proceeding steps.

Step 3: Download and Install APK for Kodi on FireStick:

FireStick runs on Android platform. As you may already know, Android uses the APK files for installation. This is the reason why we will need to download the Kodi APK. Follow these steps:

  • Launch ES Explorer app you just installed
  • Select ‘Favourites’ on the left pane
  • Expand ‘Favourites’ and then select ‘Add’
  • A new ‘Add to favorite’ window will pop up; in the ‘Path’ field, enter
  • Enter a name in the ‘Name’ field (you can give any name you want but choose something you can remember, such as Kodi)
  • Now go to the bookmarks section and open this bookmark (the favorite) you created
  • This will open the Kodi official website; use the arrow keys on your FireStick remote to navigate
  • Select the ‘Download’ button on the page and press Enter on remote
  • Choose the Android version of Kodi from the list that appears on the page
  • Select ‘ARM’ just under the Android option; nothing apparent will happen and that’s normal
  • Navigate to the bottom right of the page and select ‘More’
  • Now choose ‘open in browser’

Kodi APK will begin to download. It should take only a few minutes depending upon your wireless internet speed.

Once the APK has been downloaded, Kodi installation will begin automatically. You should have Kodi running on your FireStick device in no time.

Step 4: Get Fire Starter:

Your question “How to Install Kodi on Fire TV/stick” has pretty much been answered. We have installed Kodi on your Amazon device. But, there are a couple of things we will look at to make your life easier.

First of all, we would recommend you to get Fire Starter. This app creates a separate folder for all the installed apps and helps you manage your apps better. Fire Starter is not mandatory but we are confident you will like it. Especially when you have many apps installed, Fire Starter comes very handily. Here is how you can get it:

  • Launch ES Explorer and Add a favorite (the way we added Kodi official site earlier); in the path enter and give it any name you like
  • From the left pane open Bookmark section and access this bookmark you just created
  • This won’t open a web page. You will need to click ‘More’ on the bottom right of the screen
  • Now select ‘Open with Browser’
  • Click ‘Install’ when you see the pop-up

This will install Fire Starter on Fire Stick

Step 5: Getting Your First Kodi Addon – Fusion:

While it will be a great fun exploring Kodi and getting to know things all by yourself, we would like to introduce you to the most popular Kodi addon at this moment; it is called ‘Fusion’.

Fusion is the very first add-on we recommend our readers to install. Fusion is a facilitator and helps you get more add-ons of your choice. Remember, Kodi is all about add-ons. If you want to have access to great content, get great add-ons as well. Follow these steps to get Fusion once you have installed Kodi on Fire Stick:

  • Launch Kodi on Fire Stick
  • Go to System and open File Manager
  • Click ‘Add Source’
  • Type in and enter a name of your choice (a name you can remember later – we will choose ‘fusion’ here)
  • Go back to home screen and open ‘System’ again
  • Open Settings
  • Click ‘Add-Ons’
  • Choose ‘Install from Zip File’
  • Select ‘Fusion’ (or the name you gave earlier while adding the source)
  • Select ‘Start Here’
  • Open ‘’ and allow the add-on to install
  • Once installed, go back to the main menu of Kodi and select ‘Programs’
  • Click ‘Program Add-Ons’ followed by ‘Config Wizard’
  • Select ‘Android’ from the list

That’s it! Fusion is installed on Kodi.

Firestick Kodi Not Working? Know The Solutions:

Kodi is supposed to work fine on FireStick devices. But, when we are dealing with the digital devices and media, nothing is certain. While it may work fine for the most part, sometimes you may run into troubles. Here are some Kodi on FireStick issues and their fixes.

ISP blocking the content: Kodi is an open source code media application. While Kodi itself is approved by almost all the device platforms and is officially available on mainstream app stores, its add-ons may fall into the dubious realm. Kodi can use any add-on from any developer. Some add-ons work fine everywhere, some do not. There is a chance your ISP may be blocking a certain type of content. If you want to bypass that rule, you can use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. You can learn more about VPN services on the internet.

FireStick is Overheating: This problem has also been reported by many users of Kodi on FireStick. Although Kodi is not exactly a resource intensive application, FireStick does not offer high-end specs. This is why running some applications may cause it to overheat. This can be easily taken care. You just need to put a fan next to Kodi and blow the air into the device.

Buffering issues: If you are experiencing buffering issues then there is good chance there is a problem with your wireless connection. You need to make FireStick is not very far off from the router or modem. If the signal strength is reduced, the internet will be slow and will cause buffering problems.

Restart FireStick or Reinstall Kodi: Sometimes you may not be able to diagnose the problem. Some of the issues cannot be detected but they can be fixed. Try and reboot FireStick. Rebooting refreshes the device, OS, and the apps. It can fix many issues. If you are still experiencing the issue, uninstall Kodi and then reinstall it on the device.