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Microsoft Revealed Different Versions of Windows 10- Must Know

Hey all, here is an exciting news for you all. As you all know, Windows 10 full version is going to be released very soon. A new Windows operating system means you can expect more from it. Obviously, you may have questions like, how many versions are they going to release, what extra features they include and much more. A conference happened in the morning and they talked about many things on Windows 10. They also gave a skinny on upcoming Different Versions of Windows 10 and the inside report is, the users will definitely like all of them. So, let’s have a look at Different Versions of Windows 10 and features of it.

Introducing different versions of Windows 10:

Different Versions of Windows 10 for all platforms

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The developers told, “as in the past, we are going to offer Different Versions of Windows 10.” The versions are made for different devices and users. In different versions of Windows 10, editions will be available to small businesses to the large enterprises. Here are the names and features of them.

#1 Windows 10 Home version:

Different Versions of Windows 10 home edition

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Windows 10 home is designed for individual users. It offers the personal experience for PCs or Laptops or Tablets. People can do great things using Windows 10 Home edition. The users can have more fun and better work experience. The new innovation like Cortana is included in it. Cortana is the world’s best digital assistant. Some more exciting features that Microsoft is going to offer in this edition are a new browser that is Microsoft Edge Web browser; Continuum mode for the devices that are touch capable; a face recognition feature named Windows Hello, Finger print log in, Iris log in are also included. The common features like Photos, Music, Videos, Maps, Mail, and Calendar are included as usually.

Watch this Video:

The developers are also bringing Xbox gaming experience with Windows 10 operating system.

You can call it as the basic version in different versions of Windows 10. There are more versions described below.

#2 Windows 10 Mobile Version:

Different Versions of Windows 10 mobile preview

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Windows 10 mobile version is designed to deliver better user experience for mobile, touch capability devices like smart phones and Tablets. You will get the same applications that are included in Windows 10 Home version. Microsoft office is optimized according to the latest phones. Security is one more advantage in Windows 10 Mobile version. Continuum is enabled for new smart phones. You can use your mobile like PC on big screens.

Watch this video to know more about Continuum for Phone:

#3 Windows 10 Pro Version:

Windows 10 Pro Version is another version in the Different Versions of Windows 10. It is designed for Desktops, PCs, and Tablets. Coming to features of Windows 10 Pro version, all the features of Windows 10 Home version are included. Apart from that, there are additional Extra features are included in Windows 10 Pro version. This is the best for small businesses. You can easily manage the devices and applications. The advantage of Cloud technology is also there in Windows 10 Pro version. It offers quicker access to security updates and offers access to the latest innovation in Microsoft windows.

#4 Windows 10 Enterprise Version:

This version is built on Windows 10 Pro and adding some additional features. It’s designed to meet the expectations of large organizations. It provides better security regarding threats and company information. It will be available for the volume customers of Microsoft and they can easily get the latest updates from the developers. With Windows 10 Enterprise, the customers will have access to long-term servicing Branch. As I said above, the customers who come under Volume Licensing can upgrade to Windows 10 as part of their existing operating system.

#5 Windows 10 Education Version:

It builds on the features of Windows 10 Enterprise and mainly focused to meet the expectations of Educational institutes –Teachers, Administrators staff, and students. This version will be available depending on academic volume licensing. There will be some paths to follow if they want to update to Windows 10 Education version from Windows 10 Home or pro versions.

#6 Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Version:

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Version is designed to give the best customer experience on small devices like smart phone and Tablets. This will be available for the volume licensing customers of Microsoft. It provides better security and management capability just like Windows 10 Mobile Version. This version user can update the latest security and innovations as soon as they are available.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will also be available for industry devices like ATMs. Visit Windows official Website for more information

At this conference, the developers are also revealed this summer an expected time on the availability of these all Different Versions of Windows 10. They said this is just beginning for the new generations of Windows.

This is all the latest news on Windows 10 operating system. I think users can’t wait using Windows 10 after knowing about Different Versions of Windows 10 and their exciting features. Keep visiting AllTechFeed for more news like this.

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