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One Box HD App Download: Install OneBox HD APK on Android

One Box HD app is for those who wish to watch high-quality content on their Android devices for free. Yes, it is free of the cost media streaming app and has no in-app purchases as well. It has a pretty nice collection of the movies and TV shows you would love to watch.

There are many apps to watch the content but they require a monthly subscription. There are some apps that offer limited free content but that may not always be to your satisfaction. In this article, we will take a look at various features of OneBox HD Android app and how to install it on Android. OneBox HD app is a familiar app like  Terrarium TV, Showbox, Megabox HD, and Cinemabox.

Features Of One Box HD App:

Here is the list of features of OneBox HD:

  • It is entirely free. You can get the OneBox HD APK and download it on your Android device. It does not even prompt you for any in-app purchases
  • One Box HD has an incredible collection of the top class content. Movies, TV shows or documentaries, you will find it all here. It also quickly updates the content so that you are the first ones to watch
  • One Box HD download requires the APK from a third-party source and this file is available very easily.
  • One Box HD has a very user-friendly interface

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Download One Box HD APK:

We regularly use Google Play Store to install several apps that we use on a daily basis. But, you must have noticed that certain kinds of apps are not available on the Play Store. For instance, they do not have any completely free movie streaming application. But, that has never deterred us. What Play Store misses we make up for through the method called side-loading. We will learn how to install One Box HD app on the Android device using this method.

What we need for this process is the OneBox HD APK file. But, don’t worry. Even though we are getting a third-party APK, there will be no need to root your device. Our method will be pretty straightforward. We know that rooting isn’t what you would prefer as it may make your phone vulnerable to threats and may even damage it. Here are the steps to download One Box HD:

  1. The very first thing we are going to do is get the One Box HD APK file on the Android device. If your device is connected to the Internet, you could download it directly on it. In case you don’t have internet connection on your mobile for some reason, you can download One Box HD.APK file on your computer and then transfer it to the device with the help of a USB cable.
  2. So, simply tap here to download this file. This is the most recent version of the file and we have it right on our server so that you don’t have to go out looking for it.
  3. Once you have the file on your device, locate the folder in which you have saved it manually. If you have downloaded it directly on the device it may have been saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder. If it is not there, look up in the APK folder. You could use the Explorer app on your device to look in the folders (Explorer is available as ‘File Manager’ on certain devices).
  4. Tap on the file so as to run it
  5.  Now you will see a prompt asking for your consent whether you would like to install the app from a third-party source and from outside Play Store. You need to select the button which ensures that the installation continues and doesn’t stop.
  6. For instance, if you see ‘Allow’ and ‘Cancel’, you need to choose ‘Allow’. Some older devices may not show any prompt and simply block the installation.
  7. If that happens, open the Settings app on your Android and then go to Security (in some devices you may need to further go to ‘Developers options’). From here you could turn ON the option called ‘Unknown Sources.’

Within a minute or two you will have One Box HD for Android installed on your device. Now all you need to do is run the app and look up for the favorite content. Have fun!

One Box HD is an incredible application to watch the top grade content over the internet on your Android device. Whether you are looking for the recent movies or shows or something from the past, you are likely to find everything here. The amazing thing is that this app is totally free with no in-app purchases as well.

One Box HD APK download is required for this app as it is side-loaded on the device. Once you complete One Box HD app download you can enjoy your favourite content. You don’t even have to root your device.