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How to Reduce or Compress File Size on Mac OS X easily

reduce or compress file size on Mac OS

Struggling to compress the files on your Mac OS? Want to know How to Compress File Size on Mac OS X? Yes, you landed on the right page. Here, you can know how to do it. You can learn how to decrease file size on your Mac OS computer or Laptop.

Compressing or Reducing a file size helps a lot while sending it to someone. Every user must know how to do it. If you don’t know how to Compress File Size on Mac, no problem I will teach you how to do it. You can also save some space by reducing the files size on your Mac computer. Anyhow, let’s go into the topic and learn something that is really useful to you.

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Reduce or Compress File Size on Mac:

Here, in this tutorial, I am not going to suggest you any third party software. This is really easy to Compress File Size on Mac without any software. Many of us know this but there may be people who don’t know about it. So readers who don’t know doing it please do follow the steps written below.

  • First, you need to select the file or folder that you want to compress.
  • Now, Give the right click on the file or folder that you selected.
  • You will see some options opened.
  • There, you need to select the option that looks like Compress “File Name”. File Name is the name of the file or folder that you want to compress.
  • Click on it and the compression will start immediately.
  • This may take some time depends on your file or folder size.
  • The compressed file will be saved with a .zip extension.

That is the end of it. You have successfully compressed the file or folder.

I hope this post on How to reduce or Compress File Size on Mac operating system helps you. If you have any kind of questions regarding this articles, you can ask me through the comment box below and we are happy to help you.

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