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Run Android Apps on PC, Laptop or Desktop without Android Emulator

Hey everyone, How are you all? I hope you are all fine. Well, you all know how popular Android operating system is. Even Blackberry decided to launch their next phone in an Android version. I think many of you are using android phones or tablets. So, I need not give any intro about Android and its features. So, I directly enter into the topic on How to Run Android Apps on PC or Laptop or Desktop.

You all know, there are thousands of useful android apps available in the store. You can also see them in Google Play Store. Some of them are extremely popular like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Temple Run 2, Clash of Clans etc. We are all using these apps regularly. How would it be if we can use or run them on our PC or Laptop too? Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, now you can Run Android Apps on PC or Desktop using Android Runtime for Chrome. You can also call it ARC. What is it? How to use ARC? Scroll down and read the post. You will get everything you want.

What is ARC and How to Use it to Run Android Apps on PC?

Android Runtime for Chrome was announced by Google last year. This was initially developed for Chrome book users to run android apps in Chrome operating system. Users can only use limited apps in Chrome operating system. Chrome operating system does not allow using much web applications.

In last month, Google released an update of Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) that lets users install and use it on other operating systems like Linux and Windows etc. This ARC becomes more popular with this update. ARC is still in beta version. You may encounter some errors or bugs while using the apps. This is basically designed for android apps developers who can run and test their app performance. You can also download it and run android apps on PC or Laptop.

How to download Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) on your Computer?

It is very simple to get ARC on your PC or Laptop of any operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. All you need to do to get ARC is updating your Google Chrome browser to latest version. If you don’t have the latest version of Google Browser, download it immediately.

After installing the latest version of Google Chrome, add ARC welder to your chrome for Chrome Web Store.

LINK Add ARC from Chrome Web Store

Run Android Apps on Computer using ARC:

If the installation of ARC is finished, you can install android applications or APK files on Laptop or Desktop. But, you cannot directly download apps from Google Play Store if you are not a developer. So, you can use that way to install android on your computer using ARC. What to do now?

Well, there is another way instead of the one above. In this way, you need to extract the apps installed on your phone. You can copy those apps after extracting them. There are various extractors available on the Play Store. You can download the one best suit you. The one we used to test here is “APK Extractor” and we loved it.

After extracting the apps using “APK extractor”, copy them on your computer using an USB cable.

Now, open ARC and for the first time, it asks you to choose a storage location. Once you do that, you are ready to rock.

  • Click on Add Apk to add the stored apk file.Run Android Apps on PC using google chrome
  • After adding the file, you can select the options according to your requirements.

Run Android Apps on PC

  • If you select maximized option, you can have a new experience that is using the app on the computer.

That is it. This way you can Run Android Apps on PC or Laptop easily.

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