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Best Tutu Helper Alternative | Know The Apps Like Tutu Helper

Tutu Helper Alternative: Our smartphones and mobile devices give us access to the official app stores, depending upon the OS platform they are running on. We use these stores quite frequently to download apps, games, and other software programs. Tutu Helper is also an app store – a third party one. This marketplace allows you access to a lot of wonderful applications, which you will never find on the official store. For example, screen recording programs are the most downloaded apps from third party stores.

Tutu Helper is a great marketplace and it has lots of third party apps, games and tweaks. But, not all the developers publish all their apps on all the third-party stores. So, sometimes you may not find the app you are looking for on Tutu Helper. Also, while it is rare to experience problems with Tutu Helper, in case you do, you must be looking for some alternatives. This is why we have rounded up some awesome apps like Tutu Helper alternative.

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The Best Apps Like Tutu Helper For iOS & Android | Tutu Helper Alternative Apps For iPhone & Android:

vShare – Best Tutu Helper Alternative:

vShare is easily one of the best alternatives to Tutu Helper. Just like Tutu app, this third-party store allows you to download many incredible applications free of cost. It has a huge repository of the applications. vShare also has a very user-friendly and professional looking interface.

Search and navigation is quite easy with it. You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device or for that matter root the Android to download it.

APK Mirror:

If you are looking for Tutu Helper Alternatives for Android, APK Mirror could be the best choice for you. This app hosts a large collection of third-party apps by various developers. Everything on this store is free.


It gives you access to hacks, tweaks, paid apps for free, hacked games, and many apps. APK Mirror is easy to download and easy to use on your Android.


SlideMe is an alternative Android app market to find the apps that you can’t download from Google Play Store. Not only does it host the third-party apps but you will find many paid apps totally free of cost on this app.

There is a wide range of apps to take your pick from. SlideMe has a very good looking interface.  The elements and controls are laid out in a neat and organized fashion.


Hipstore is one of the best Tutu Helper alternatives for iOS. You will be surprised to know that earlier this app used to be available on the official App Store. However, Apple found it to be violating certain rules and hence it was removed from the store.

But, we have found it to be one great marketplace, which lets you download cool apps and games. Just like the other apps on this list, you can also download a lot of premium applications for free.


25pp is considered to be a very good alternative to Tutu Helper. It is pretty well designed and has a huge collection of apps. But, the biggest challenge with this store is that everything is in Chinese language and you can’t even change it.

As you may have guessed, this app was created by some Chinese developers. If you can identify apps from their icons (or if you know how to read Chinese), you will love this store.


There is no denying that AppAddict is one of the best third-party stores you can have in place of Tutu Helper on your iOS device. You can download this marketplace from It may not have as many apps as Tutu Helper but still, the collection is pretty decent.

appaddict best tutu helper alternative app

There is no need to jailbreak your iOS in order to download AppAddict. If you want to download premium apps for free using AppAddict, you will require AppSync feature.


iPASTORE isn’t exactly a very popular third-party store but it is one of the better Tutu Helper alternatives in 2017. The developers of this app have been working hard to make the best apps available to the users.

It doesn’t boast of a huge collection but you can still find some cool apps here. You can also download some paid apps for free.


AppCake was once one of the most downloaded third-party app stores. However, when vShare and Tutu Helper came to the market, AppCake somewhat lost its charm.

Nevertheless, we have maintained that AppCake still is one of the best to have. Like all other apps on this list, you can download hacked and cracked apps. It is available only on iOS platform. is not exactly an app but a website. However, it hosts many IPA files and thus could be considered as one of the Tutu Helper alternatives. This site is only for iOS devices and you can download the IPA files using the Safari browser.

The only problem with this site is that it not been updated in a very long time. But, you may still find the IPA files of some good apps here.

Apptoide – Free Tutu Helper Alternative:

The developers of this app call it the biggest marketplace for Android devices. While it may not have the biggest collection as the developers say, but they still have loads of third-party apps and games for Android. Also, as you may expect, it also has several paid apps available for free.

The good thing about Apptoide is that it keeps getting updated with new apps every day. Also, in spite of being totally free of cost, it does not keep bugging you with unwanted advertisements.