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Download TuTu Helper | Install Tutuapp Helper on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Tutu Helper App Download: The smartphone users often say that they are bored of the kind of apps that are available through their official app stores. It is true that App Store by Apple offers plenty of useful and functional apps. But, there are so many apps that simply fail to get past the strict guidelines and never enjoy their day under the sun. Many users have found that there are lots of such apps which are truly awesome. They just didn’t make it to App Store due to the unreasonable policies. That is why marketplaces like Tutu Helper came into the picture.

Tutu Helper app is a third-party marketplace designed to give you access to all such applications that could not get lucky with App Store. For example, we have seen some exceptional apps like movie streaming apps that every user would want to have but Apple just wouldn’t show them the green signal. So, the developers take recourse in Tutu Helper iOS, which has a huge collection of such third-party applications. Also, know how to download Tutu Helper Apk and the installation process on Android.

But, do you know that Tutu Helper is not just for those apps that couldn’t find their way to the App Store; it is also for a variety of tweaks. For instance, you could download tweaked Minecraft game with a number of exciting cheats. Some apps that are paid on App Store are available for free on Tutu Helper iOS app. If you want the awesome quality app and tweaks on your iOS, keep reading this article as we will tell you how to download Tutu Helper. Tutuapp vip is the paid version of the tutuapp.

Download Tutu Helper App:

Tutu Helper download is not straightforward but we have tried to make it easy through this guide. No need to mention that this marketplace isn’t there on App Store. That’s precisely why we have to use a workaround to download Tutu Helper free on your iDevice. In this article, we are laying down the step by step process to download Tutuapp Helper for iPhone or any other compatible iDevice.

Compatibility first:  Compatibility of the device must be discussed first lest you spend your time trying to install it on an incompatible device and end up getting frustrated by the inability to do so. This app store is available on various iOS devices as long as they have the latest firmware version.

This means that you can download Tutu Helper for iOS 10 and iOS 9 (all the iterations are also covered). You may be able to install it on the older firmware also but stability is not guaranteed.

Install Tutu Helper iOS App on iPhone/iPad Without Jail Breaking:

Now let’s see how we can get Tutu Helper for iPad, or for that matter any other compatible iOS device.  Our objective is to make tutu helper iOS download completely easy for you. So, we will explain each step one by one. If you follow the guide, you will be able to download the app on your phone. Here is what you need to do:

  1. You will need a browser to download this app from a web page. Safari is the browser of choice as it is native to iOS and thus remains stable throughout the duration of download and installation:  Open Safari on your iOS.
  2. Now you need a link from where you can download and install Tutu Helper. Let us take you straight to their official website. Open this link:
  3. Now you will see two options here – VIP and Regular/Free. VIP is the paid version of this app but we are looking to download Tutu Helper free: Click ‘Regular/Free’ on the right on the top
  4. Let the page load where you need to tap on the option that will start the download and installation: Tap ‘Download Now’  (a green button)
  5. You need to confirm your action and tell your device that you are okay with the installation of the app. Tap ‘Install Now’

You can now return to the home screen of your device where the Tutu Helper icon must have already appeared. Wait for it to get enabled. Now, what you need to do is permit this app to run on your device (Apple would not let run third-party apps by default for security purposes):

Unable to Launch Tutu Helper? Fix Tutuapp is Not Working Errors:

  • Launch Settings app and Select General.
  • Tap on the ‘Profiles & Device Management’
  • Choose ‘Tumen Anbang Paper Co. Ltd’
  • Select ‘Trust “Tumen Anbang Paper Co. Ltd”’
  • Tap on ‘Trust’ again

This will make sure that you are able to run this marketplace on your iOS device.

Tutu Helper VIP: We clicked ‘Regular/Free’ and skipped the ‘VIP’ option. This is because VIP is the paid version and it doesn’t have a lot to offer in comparison to the free version except faster download speed.


Tutu Helper is the marketplace that offers you access to all those apps that you would generally not find on App Store. It is one of the best third-party app stores of today. This app is trusted by millions of users worldwide. It is easy to download and easier to use.