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How To Watch Netflix In India Using Free ZenMate VPN – Trick To Use Netflix In India

Netflix In India: Hi friends, today I have come up with a very helpful trick which will help you to Watch Netflix in India using free ZenMate VPN on your personal computer/Android Mobile or on your iOS Devices. This trick is very simple to use, you just need to follow my very simple steps to use Netflix in India on your computer/mobiles.

Netflix is a subscription-based film and television program rental service which provide many movies, tv shows, and tv programs to the users via internet streaming and also via US mail. Presently Netflix available for North America, Australia, New Zealand, South America and parts of Europe (Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and the United Kingdom) Viewers only.

Before going to explain the trick to using Netflix in India, let me first tell you the best features of Netflix.

Best Features Of Netflix- How To Use Netflix In India: 

  • Netflix is the best and leading subscription service for watching latest movies, tv shows, and tv programs.
  • You can use Netflix to watch latest movies and shows on your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Windows, Mac, Mobiles, and on Tablets.
  • Latest movies and tv shows will be streamed instantly Over the internet.
  • Netflix provides you one-month free subscription. you need to subscribe to a basic, standard or to a premium plan and according to the selected plan, the amount will be deducted from the payment method that you chose.

Those are some of the features of Netflix. Now I will tell you the process to use Netflix in India. Follow the simple steps given below and use Netflix in India.

How To Use Netflix in India Using ZenMat VPN(ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN):

When you(Indian User) open the Netflix official website in your computer/mobile/tablet the site will show you the message like ” Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country” and they will ask you enter your email to get updates from them right.

  • you also got the home page of Netflix like above image right. Now i will show you how to access the actual home page of Netflix.

First i will explain the process to windows pc users and then for Android and iOS users.

How To Use Netflix On Windows In India – Netflix In India:

Ok, then windows users just follow the very simple and easy steps to access the Netflix website without getting the above message like shown in the above image.

  • First thing you have to do is open Firefox or Google Chrome browser in your computer.
  • Now, if you are using Firefox browser then you need to install ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN add-on to your browser. You can get ZenMate Vpn plugin from the below link.

Download ZenMate VPN add-on For Firefox

  • And who are using Google Chrome, they need to install ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN Extension to your browser.

ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN Extension For Chrome

  • Install the ZenMate extensions in your browser. After you install the extension, you will get the ZenMate icon on the top right corner of the browser.
  • Now turn on the zenmate by clicking “on” option.
  • after that set your public location to USA. Check the below image.

That’s all friends, you have done everything to access Netflix in India using ZenMate VPN. Now go to your browser and access the Netflix.

How To Use Netflix On Android&iOS Devices In India:

Using Netflix also as same as using on windows computers, you just need to install the applications as per the device Operating System.

Use Netflix On Android In India:

  • First download the Netflix application from the play store and install the Netflix app in your Android device. Use the below link to download the Netflix Android App.

Netflix Android Application

  • ZenMate is also available on Android devices so, download the ZenMate app from the below link and install it.

ZenMate Android App

And now just Use the ZenMate on your Android device as i explained above.

Use Netflix On iOS devices In India:

Netflix and ZenMate applications are also available for iOS devices so, you just need to download and install then in your iDevices and everything is same.

Download Links:

Netflix For iOS devices

ZenMate For iOS devices

Just download the appropriate applications for your devices from the above links and use the ZenMate to change your public location.

That’s it you can get the access to Netflix official website to watch any latest movie or your favorite tv shows.

Hope i covered all the things that you have to do to use Netflix in India on your Windows, Android and iOS devices. In case if you face any issues please do post them in the comments section.

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